Seed Catalogs for Zone 5

I find that starting seeds indoors is a fascinating, peaceful and fun activity. It can also save you a lot of money. Seeds are a lot cheaper than buying flats of annuals and expensive perennials, and if you’re looking for vegetables many are easy to start from seed. It all begins with the perusal of seed catalogs.

In many cases print versions of seed catalogs are still available, and there’s something to be said for sitting and thumbing through a print copy, folding over page corners or circling the seed descriptions of those that catch your eye. Not to mention the excitement of receiving that catalog in the mail!  However, online catalogs can be just as good in a different way. Plant descriptions and details can be more expansive and multiple images of the plant can be shown.

Seed Catalogs for Zone 5

Here are some seed suppliers from our area that I either prefer or am considering purchasing seeds from. Each has a good variety of seeds available.

Urban HarvestUrban Harvest, located in Toronto, provides organic and heirloom flower, vegetable and herb seeds. They often include comments about aesthetic properties, taste, where the plants are native to. They often refer to their own experience growing the plant. I usually pick up their seeds at Seedy Saturday or local events/retailers but you can order online as well. Most of my vegetable seeds over the past several years have come from here.

Floribunda SeedsFloribunda specializes in wildflower, cottage garden, heirloom and unusual varieties. They are located near Peterborough.

Aimers OrganicsAimers is a division of OSC in Waterloo that provides a range of organic vegetable seeds. These seeds are available in garden centres like Bradford Greenhouses. I’ve have had good success with these seeds as well. The varieties tend to be dependable and common.

William Dam Seeds – Although I’ve never purchased seeds from William Dam, I’ll list them here as a possible resource. They are based in Flamborough.

Hawthorn Farm Organic Seeds – Located north of Kitchener, Hawthorn Farm offers organic and heirloom vegetable, herb, flower and grasses seeds. I have. It ordered anything from this company yet, but may in the next few weeks.

Other Seed Catalogs

These seed suppliers are not as local but do offer many seeds that can be grown in Zone 5:

Heritage Harvest Seed – Located in Manitoba, Heritage Harvest Seed specializes in rare and endangered vegetable, herb and flower seed.

VeseysVeseys is located in Prince Edward Island and carry a wide variety of seeds including flowers, bulbs, vegetables, herbs, fruits and berries.

StokesStokes has locations in Canada and the U.S.Their head office is in Thorold and the research farm is located in St. Catherines. They carry vegetables, flowers and herbs. If you’re looking for new and popular annuals they have many to choose from.

Halifax Seed CompanyHalifax Seed Company offers vegetable, flower and herb seeds.

There are many other seed suppliers out there. These are just a few to help you get started or to share some ideas on which ones are great options in Zone 5.

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