Gathering Garden Ideas

It’s New Year’s Day, 2016. What’s better to do then to spend some time reflecting on the garden and the gardening season to come? The garden has been sadly neglected the last couple of years as I haven’t had the time to dedicate to it that I have in the past.  Hopefully I can rectify that this year.

I’m also painfully aware that my garden suffers from the lack of a coherent design.  I meant well, of course.  I discovered a passion for the work of Piet Oudolf and Noel Kingsbury as well as an obsession for native North American plants, and like any exuberant amateur gardener with a new project, I dove in with too much enthusiasm and too little knowledge.  I suppose learning from your mistakes is one way to do things, although it can be disappointing (although also rewarding in many ways) and can lead to a lot more work. If only … If only I took the time to design a plan and stick to it!

Hence my latest plan, to start a ‘scrapbook’ collection of images of garden ideas and any other garden design ideas and plant combinations that appeal to and inspire me. It’s a good Winter project.  And hopefully it will help me to develop a plan for the garden that’s I can work towards. These little ‘clippings’ will fall under a new ‘Clippings’ category, starting with this one:

A Welcoming Combination

Clipping from TOC pg., Canadian Gardening magazine, Winter 2010 Edition
Clipping from TOC pg., Canadian Gardening magazine, Winter 2010 Edition, Erin McLaughlin, Editor-in-chief.

Punctuated by a lovely Irish historical home, these gardens appeal to me because of the combination of formal, trimmed hedges and loose-seeming, flowing border plantings. The repetition of the colour burgundy adds weight and combines beautifully with the peach peonies  on the left as well as the blue spruce tucked next to the house.  The long grasses (possibly gladiolus or iris?) draw the eye down into the garden. Swaths of coreopsis (Blanketflower) and tuft-headed grasses soften the scene, making it feel welcoming, like I could walk here and feel at home.


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