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It rained pretty hard today so when I got home from work I took a stroll around the garden to see if anything was flattened. First off, I saw that someone had thoughtfully attacked the bird feeder again last night and pulled it apart (again) – At least it’s the other side this time.  While I was sitting here a few moments ago I heard some of the finches and looked out to see a pour soul standing on the patio table, looking sadly and longingly at the broken feeder. I’ll have to go and get the staple gun and fix that. Can’t have sad birds!

Thankfully, nothing more than a few Black-eyed Susan’s showed any signs of damage from the rain, and there are so many of those it’s hardly noticeable.

As I walked by the hot-pink hybrid Monarda didyma I saw a big bug busily bopping from flower-head to flower-head, sipping from each. I had no idea what it was. I called Matt out to come look at it. He guessed it was a small hummingbird, but I wasn’t sure because I stood only two or three feet away from it and it didn’t care. Hummingbirds are far more leery. Maybe a juvenile hummingbird, though? Maybe it doesn’t know enough to be afraid yet? We watched it until it flew off.

Thanks to Google we now know that it was a Hummingbird Clearwing moth (some nice pictures of it here). Not a hummingbird, then, but a moth! Neat little critter. Where was my camera, you ask?


Today’s Harvest: A handful of cherry tomatoes (eaten as is) and a pepper (part of tonight’s supper: pizza)

Now, off to fix the feeder …

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