Garden Tour: July 18th

Hi! How are you? Come sit and let me show you what’s going on in the garden this week.

A frog has moved into the pond! A few years ago there were four. Last year: None. We like frogs, so it’s good to have one with us again.

The garden has finally reached a state where something is in bloom at all times no matter where you look. It took years and a lot of trial and try-something-else.

Not that everything has turned out spectacularly. I tried to grow a lot more food this year but there have been some setbacks. A cute but voracious rabbit decimated most of the beans and pees. The radishes petered out and disappeared, except for one that bolted. One of the blueberry bushes’ leaves are turning dry and brown.

Blueberry bush with dried and brown leaves
Blueberry bush with dried and brown leaves. We went quite a while without rain.

The monarda fistulosa is not doing well this year. The plants look healthy but something seems to be attacking the flowers. It’s interesting that whatever it is leaves the monarda didyma alone, even though they’re right next to each other. This has not been a problem in the past.

Still, there are tonnes of flowers, enough lettuces to feed several families, the tomatoes are coming along and the peppers are doing well.

Blooming Now

Daylillies have joined the party. Echinacea blooms continue to spread throughout the gardens – both front and back. Hostas are also flowering. Though grown for their foliage, hosta flowers stand out in the evening and shade and add a bit of middle-height throughout the garden.

Asparagus is going to seed behind blue chicory-like flowers.

Zucchini is starting to produce veggies that we’ll be able to eat sometime this week. Potatoes are flowering and healthy.

In the new downspout garden, red lobelia is flowering. I’ve tried to grow these several times before and never had any luck, so it’s great to see this. Datura produces the occasional short-lived bloom. The plant doesn’t seem to be getting taller, so I guess this really was a shorter variety. It’s a little disappointing but probably for the best, since I put it right by the garage door.

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