Exploring the Garden at Home

I’ve got more time to garden in 2020 than I’ve had in years. This, of course, is because of Covid-19 and the need to stay at home.

I’ve been working at home for several weeks now. It’s given me the opportunity to start more seeds than ever before. Even though many garden centres are closed or only able to supply limited options for plants and materials, the seeds I’ve saved and the seeds I’ve ordered will help provide a colourful and bountiful garden this year. Growing some of our own food will also help us make less trips out for groceries.

Veggie and flower seedlings: Yellow beans, tomatoes, calendula, nasturtium, and others.

Gardening has long been known for it’s positive effects on mental health and well-being. These days, we all need that more than ever. It’s not easy being separate from family and friends. Growing a garden and connecting to nature will help us all get through this.

Be well, my friends.

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